The past few days have been good and the next few should be good, as well. I have today off from my internship (Columbus day off? Why? So weird.) so I won’t have to do my normal 16 hour Monday. Instead, I am going to catch up on laundry, have lunch with my mom, and take a nap. Then I get to sleep again at night! It is such a treat to sleep when it’s dark out on the days I have off from my regular job.

The other day my partner and I had somewhat of a sexual breakthrough, and we’ve been feeling much closer and connected since. I’m beginning to believe that my vaginismus may be something I can overcome eventually. I am going to wait until I graduate to really make a go at taking care of it, but I think it just might be possible.

Another good thing: I went to a bookstore today and picked up “The Witch’s Daughter” by Paula Brackston. It’s been a long time since I bought a new book, because I tend to feel guilty about reading for pleasure when I have all this wonderfully dry and boring reading to do for class. My next course’s reading should be more interesting, but it doesn’t start until October 25, so I have some time to read my new book before diving into the class reading. I’m looking forward to getting sucked into a new story.

I’ve also been more active on Pinterest in the past few days. I’m collecting pins of nice, pretty, calming spaces (both outdoors and indoors) to look at when I’m feeling anxious, sad, or overwhelmed. It’s fun to look for nice things when I’m in a good space and know that they will be there when I’m feeling bad. In addition, I’ve been thinking about some things that I would like to do when I graduate. It will have been three years that I haven’t really had weekends free, and two of working ridiculous hours due to internships. Assuming I get a nice job with 40 daytime hours right off the bat, I will suddenly have much more free time and ability to do things in the evenings and on weekends. I’m thinking about joining a book club, as I love to read and I need to rebuild a social life. I would also like to reconnect with a few choice friends. It has been difficult not really having anyone outside of my partner and classmates to talk with just because of time constraints. In addition, I would like to find some volunteer work to do. I was a patient escort for Planned Parenthood for awhile, and it was great. I think I might like to do that again.

I am sending out loving, kind, and healing thoughts to anyone who may read this.