This weekend was pretty mixed, so I thought I would just write about it. It seems like a lot of stuff happened, but I’m guessing it wasn’t really that much and hopefully writing it down will help me process it.

– I went back to school on Friday night. It was nice to see my classmates, but it really hit me how crazy the next nine months are going to be. Between work and my internship, I will have no days off in September, and if I want a day off in October I will have to use PTO. I know I chose to do this, but it is SCARY.

– I got to Skype for a few minutes with my brother on Saturday before we lost the connection. It was good to see him, and he seems like he is having a good time.

– I started moving a bunch of stuff from my room at my mom and stepdad’s house (they have generously not pushed me to move my stuff even though I technically moved out six months ago). I found some great books that I had forgotten about, and some pictures and mementos. I also found a lot of triggering stuff, which my stepdad took to the dump for me. I now have most of my books at my apartment (more are under the bed, which I can’t even wrap my head around tackling right now), which makes me feel way more comfortable.

– I didn’t have to work this weekend, so my fiancée and I got to both sleep at night, a rare treat. However, it wasn’t so great, as we both had nightmares and she had flashbacks all night Saturday into Sunday. We spent hours drifting in and out of sleep and awareness and trauma and body memories and it was pretty unpleasant. It was disappointing because we always look forward to being able to sleep at the same time. Hopefully tomorrow night will be better.

– I slept a lot on Sunday. Usually when I sleep through the night and then try to sleep during the day to get up for work it’s a fitful sleep, but today I only woke up a few times. Must have been because of the crappy night’s sleep before.

Okay, so the weekend seems kind of mundane when I write about it. Sorry to have been boring! haha