Working third shift leaves me with a lot of time on my hands at work (unless, of course, I am cleaning up bodily fluids or something…last week was not fun), and I like to try to spend my time productively. My usual routine is to do at least two crossword puzzles per shift and catch up on homework. However, being on summer break has afforded me more time to do nothing but watch Netflix (Orange is the New Black…so addictive and great). Unless I get addicted to a show, I usually watch documentaries, and the other night I saw a pretty good one.

“The House I Live In” is a film that examines the “War on Drugs” and its consequences to the US as a whole, the individuals who have personally been its victims, and their families. It also explores the racism and classism inherent in the policies stemming from this effort. I think I’m making it sound kind of dry, but it’s a very interesting movie. Anyone with an interest in drug policy, racism, classism, or criminal justice should watch this film.