I just looked over some of the posts I’ve written so far, and it seems that things have been a little glum around here. I promise that I’m not always in a funk like this! I think things have been worse in recent weeks due to my brother leaving and stress about my schedule for the upcoming academic year. I’ve wallowed enough for now, and I need to start taking some active steps to make things better. To this end, I’ve decided to compile a list of recent positive things and other things for which I am grateful.

– My fiancée is so compassionate and understanding. She always asks permission to touch me if I am not explicitly showing signs of wanting to be held or kissed and that sort of thing. I am lucky to have her in my life.

– My mother, stepfather, brothers, and sister: They always brighten my day when I get to see them. I went out for breakfast with my fiancée, mom, sister, and stepdad this morning and it cheered me right up!

– I see a great chiropractor who has made a big difference in the amount of headaches I experience. He does great work not just with adjustments, but relaxing the muscles that cause the joints to get messed up.

– The fact that my complex has a swimming pool that is nice and clean: today after my chiropractic appointment, I went swimming and just let my whole body relax in the water. It was fantastic.

– My job. Although I am stressing about my schedule, I love my job. Being here at night means I can spend time writing, doing work for school, and reading. The clients that I get to work with are some of the greatest people I’ve met, and the work that I do is fulfilling. The pay is not a lot, but is enough for me to live on. I am well aware that in these times, I am lucky to have a good job.

– Good music. It is amazing how much music helps me to feel better. Lately I’ve been rediscovering some stuff that I loved in high school and college, and it’s pretty comforting (not because of those time periods, but because it comforted me then). Dispatch will never get old. Early(ish) Michael Franti and Spearhead puts a smile on my face and reminds me of times dancing with friends at their shows and making sure I got in the front row to get a hug from Michael by the end. I have to admit I got upset when his music started showing up in commercials and the radio, but maybe I’ll check out some of his newer stuff.

– Having only nine months of graduate school left!

What do you think? What are some of the things for which you are grateful?