It feels kind of weird to be posting on a blog! I haven’t done this since my last failed attempt at blogging in 2009, and the good old days of Livejournal years before. Please feel free to visit my “About” page for more information about me. I am going to try to keep this blog as anonymous as possible due to the nature of my work. I will not be posting about my clients at any time due to their right to confidentiality and my respect for them, so please do not expect any information about my work other than generalities.

It’s a little bit intimidating to think about exposing aspects of myself on the internet, even if it is fairly anonymous. I’m sure I will open up more once I get the hang of this and become more comfortable. I still hold a great deal of shame related to events in my childhood. I expect I should post some version of “My Story” soon, but for tonight, that is too much. So…more to come, basically! Ha.

I have been lurking on other blogs a lot and will most likely begin commenting soon. I guess it could be weird to have someone who is in the mental health field reading your mental health related blog (or not!) so if I read/comment and you aren’t comfortable with that, just let me know! I am coming at this from the perspective of both a practitioner and someone who has mental health issues, and I would not comment on your blog if I had not gotten something worthwhile out of it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have found a lot of great blogs by people with some sort of mental health issues, and they have inspired me and helped me heal for a long time now. You can trust that I am not trying to make people into case studies! Thank you to everyone for putting yourselves out there, you cannot know how much it has helped others. I guess that’s it for now.